Painting Peony and Butterfly in Chinese Painting Style

国画牡丹Chinese Painting Peony

Today in this Chinese Painting Appreciation Video, our Chinese Painter Fang Yucheng will show you how to paint a peony flower and butterflies in Chinese Xie Yi Painting Style.

Peony is China’s unique rare flowers, elegant, richly dignified, rich aroma, known as “Aromatic” the beauty of one hundred that known as the wealth and good fortune, symbolic of prosperity. When the flowers of peony flowers, brilliant and splendid, with its beautiful flower position charmed people, graceful and elegant, rich and peaceful image of the deputies to the National People’s vision of tomorrow’s beautiful and good vision, meaning national prosperity, prosperity of the developed; people for peony love, but also to become a symbol of the spirit of peonies and good character of the Chinese nation, it has become the embodiment of beauty, purity and have known symbolic meaning of love.

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