Techcrunch.com a website that provides information related to new technology and new gadgets. Techcrunch.com is a leading technology media in the world. This website review new internet portals, websites and products. It also provides latest technology news.

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TheNextweb.com a blog that provides technology related content to you. It covers all the topics that are related to new technology and its business and its culture.. This Site also provides the information and news for next generation gadgets. If you love the WEBthen this site can be very useful to you. It has more than 7 million monthly visits and ten million page views per month

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Wired.com it gives a depth coverage of the future trends in technology. This website gives the news about new gadgets, autopia, science, entertainment, business, security devices, video series, and design. It’s venture webmonkey.com is very useful to web developers, web designers and web masters.

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Tech2.com a venture of Network18. Tech2 reviews new gadgets like tablets, mobile , tv, home theaters, laptops and gaming devices. It also feature the videos, photos andpodcasts about latest technology. You can also compare Websites and new gadgets at this Site and also you can play contests, watch videos and must go to it’s how to Tab it teaches some awesome things.

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Gizmodo.com a very useful website for gadget lovers. Gizmodo features the latest news of gadgets. This website is best guide for gadgets. It also displays news for apple ios,android and windows operating system. So if you are a gadget lover then this website must be useful to you click the image and go for it.

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Mashable.com provides resources, news and information for the connected generation.. It is one of the most engaged online news community. You can also watch videos about latest technology. This website has more that 20 million unique visits and it has more than six million social media followers.

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Theverge.com, a website for tech freaks. A website when you find new product reviewsand product information. It also reports on how the technology affects to your society.

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Digitaltrends.com, “upgrade your lifestyle” slogan of this websites says all about this website. It features breaking news for mobiles, computers, gaming devices, home theater and lifestyle products. It also features the information about cars, music, photography. It also features the news for apple. you can also find best iphone applications.

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This website gain your knowledge about technology. It has many trending topics likenew released tablets, mobiles and laptops. This website is also rate the mobiles andtablets. You can also check the technology that are added to your cars at this site. It also feature the news for android operating system.

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Technorati.com used to helping the bloggers and tech website owners to get succeed by collecting , researching and distributing in the global online conversation. It also featurenews content related to cloud technology , operating systems like android, apple ios, and gadgets.

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