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国画葡萄 Chinese Painting Grapes


Painting Grapes in Chinese Painting 国画葡萄. Grape paintings are also common auspicious feng shui paintings in home decoration paintings, mainly because grapes are a very common auspicious pattern for the public, and the full-grained grapes mean a bumper harvest. The most impressive impression of grapes is that it is a bunch of fruit, and the […]

Chinese Painting Orchid 国画兰花写意演示


Chinese Painting Orchid 国画兰花写意演示. In traditional Chinese culture , the orchid and enjoy the blue, painted blue, blue writing, has been one mold character, self-cultivation of important ways, known as the “national incense”, “King sweet” China Orchid become elegant culture representative.

Painting Peony and Butterfly in Chinese Painting Style

国画牡丹Chinese Painting Peony

Today in this Chinese Painting Appreciation Video, our Chinese Painter Fang Yucheng will show you how to paint a peony flower and butterflies in Chinese Xie Yi Painting Style. Peony is China’s unique rare flowers, elegant, richly dignified, rich aroma, known as “Aromatic” the beauty of one hundred that known as the wealth and good […]